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Meron Begashaw

Meron is an Angeleno of Ethiopian descent who joined HabeshaLA to share her love for the dopeness that is “#HabeshasKillinIt.” She quite enjoys music (a lot) and is a bit of a pop culture nerd—hence, you can usually find her sharing that new new on Ethiopian and Eritrean artists, among other things. Meron is also pursuing her academic passions in graduate school. In between all of this, she loves to memorize world flags for fun, watch soccer, and daydream about Gwen Stefani’s closet.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only listen to one album, which would it be?
Only because this is my favorite album by my favorite artist, “The College Dropout” by Kanye West. Listening to one body of work for an unforeseeable amount of time sounds dreadful but at least his flawless album will provide enough laughs and social commentary to last me through.

What is your favorite thing about being East African?
I have multiple favorite things! Having intimate access to an amazingly self-effacing culture and to the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian religion is a blessing. Another is being a descendant of a region that has given so much to the world—culturally, technologically, linguistically, historically. Lastly, being able to claim delicious food and fabulous cultural and contemporary music!.

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